The Best Home Based Business Ideas For 2013

Just in case you are one of the many entrepreneurial wannabes, we shall take a look at the current wave of home based business ideas for 2013. Consider yourself lucky as you are about to learn about some home based business ideas and options with the potential of changing your life for the better and realizing your goal for achieving financial freedom.

The following, are a few examples that you can do on a part-time basis. Eventually, you might even choose to make this side job, your full-time gig. The good thing about all of them is the fact that they all have the potential to earn a significant amount of extra income for you. So, let’s get started:

A. Web designing

This idea involves being very creative with web designing and creating quality websites for individuals or even corporations. You will need a personal computer, good web design software and a little bit of marketing. Think about starting by walking along your down town shopping district and convincing each shop owner, that they should have a presence on the internet in order to increase their overall business.

B. Virtual assistant

This involves working from home as a shadow secretary, filtering emails for the client, drafting letters for them as well as looking at accounts, scheduling and reminding the clients of appointments as well as paying bills. For this you will need outstanding secretarial skills and efficiency in using computers.

C. Writing articles and E Books

This is another very popular home based business idea that simply involves applying a little creativity, planning, management skills and persistence to come up with unique and interesting pieces of writing for online audiences. One of the up and coming outlets for your work is reselling your E-books on Kindle.

D. Interior designing

A perfect choice for you if you are good with material selection, colors as well as general arrangements. This idea requires a lot of creativity, passion and amazing utilization of space to come up with ideal visual impressions.

E. Online Auctions

The boom of eBay and other on-line auction sites seems to be continuously expanding. Let your imagination run here with the acquisition of close-out merchandise and other flea market items that you can easily retail from the comfort of your den. If you visit local garage/yard sales, you will see the many dollar items that can be sold for five dollars or more.

From the aforementioned list, it is clear to see that there are very many potential home based business ideas to choose from. This being the case, try as much as possible to get the mind thinking and the wheels turning. In short, there really is no limit to the amount of home based business ideas that you can come up with. Your financial freedom will depend upon it!

Is This a Good Time to Become a Franchise Development and Sales Consultant?

Not long ago, I was asked if 2013 would be a good year to start a franchising career, not to buy a franchise but to work in the franchising industry. Specifically, the individual wondered if it made sense to work in franchise development, marketing, and sales. Well, that’s a decent question and realize at the economy gets better the first thing you have to do is generate more sales and franchisors always need more cash flow, because that money is leveraged for faster growth and more revenue, almost like a jet engine on an airliner as it spools up to maximum power. Okay so let’s talk.

Is 2013 a good year to find a career in this niche area of the franchising industry in my opinion? Yes. Now some people believe that franchising is recession proof, I’ve often heard that said myself, but is it true? Well, not really you see in business, NOTHING is recession proof, I like to say “franchising” is recession resistant. The problem right now is really about “loan qualification” and flexible franchisors on paying 1/2 franchise fee now, or willing to take retiring veterans and waiving the franchise fee for service to this great nation.

Another issue now is that ObamaCare is scaring away anyone who knows anything about running a business. So, it is really taking its toll on the small business community, much of the fear is overblown but not all, and what is a franchise but a networked group of small businesses sharing the synergies of brand, business plan, and high-volume buying? If smaller companies are having problems and franchisees are small time business owners, then even though their business models are highly evolved, they are still vulnerable.

If a franchisor’s franchisees are failing in large numbers then the royalty revenue takes a big hit, so they have to cut back offering less help, thus accelerating a cascading effect unless the management of the franchising company has their act together. Meanwhile, litigation often appears as franchisees fail and try to shift the burden of responsibilities for monies owed back onto the franchisor, trying to break the franchise agreement covenants.

So, anyone wanting to get into franchising on the marketing side for franchisors needs to realize that unless they are with a well-financed franchisor, they could experience such a melt-down. On the positive side, during times of economic crisis, there are many franchise buyers out there who’ve been downsized, laid off, or lost their jobs. Providing they can get funding, there could be lots of sales. Many franchisors have had their highest revenue gains during poor economic times. That’s always how it was for my franchising company. Please consider all this and think on it.

Outsourced Marketing: Could This Be Your Budget Life Saver for 2013?

With the recession still biting and budgets becoming smaller, or at the very least becoming more difficult to justify, there is an ever increasing pressure to only pay for what you actually need, and that seems to apply most especially to marketing spend.

Often overlooked, and regularly the first casualty of any budget cuts, marketing is an essential element to any successful sales campaign.

There is a tendency to cut back on what is sometimes considered as a ‘nice to have’ area of the business. It is one of those areas that are needed to drive momentum, but it isn’t doesn’t always provide immediately obvious results. It’s a longer term return. But to remove the momentum that consistent and on-going marketing activities add to the sales cycle will see an impact further down the line in the sales funnel and pipeline.

Perhaps your business is growing and your need for more marketing resource along with it, and now you’ve reached a cross-roads and you are pondering which route to take: do you recruit a full-time permanent marketing resource or do you outsource to a specialised partner?

Maybe you are currently handling marketing yourself in-house as well as trying to manage your business and your sales team, and are now thinking the time has come to find some additional support that can provide that essential marketing experience.

But marketing can be expensive, especially when you have to factor in a full-time head-count with all the additional costs that come with that: pension contributions, holiday entitlement, healthcare insurance, etc. And not to mention having to pay for days not worked due to absence.

There are pros and cons with both, but in the current climate the pros lie mostly with the latter option; outsourcing.

Outsourcing enables an organisation to pick and mix their marketing requirements, to only purchase what they actually need, and only when they actually need it. During quiet times when marketing activities traditionally tail-off savings can be made by simply switching the marketing activity off or dialing it down. However, when you do need it the most, you have a dedicated resource that is focused and committed to producing results.

As a business you are acutely aware already of the need to control costs, so any opportunity to keep costs down and fixed where possible, whilst also offering a straightforward and practical solution, is well worth considering.

Outsourcing allows you to spend more time on managing your core business activities, and less time on managing your marketing projects.

The New Focus of the Bearing Field – NSK Bearing

NSK is the first bearing company which specializes in bearing research and manufacture in Japan. Depending on its excellent research capability and the effective management mode, NSK has become the new focus of the global bearing field.

The company intends to devote itself to the safety and well-being of society and protection of the global environment by the technological innovation. Through the strengthening of its research and development focus, NSK has developed many kinds of products. There are commodity bearings such as the ball bearings and roller bearings. Besides, it also produces bearings for specific applications like super precision bearings, bearings for papermaking machines and so on. Although the company already had so many types of products, it continues to create top of the line products that utilize the core technologies of lubrication, materials, and analytical techniques to respond to field requirements.

With its high technology, production capabilities, and the global network, NSK was developed into a global enterprise over the past years. Its customers are almost all over the world. In order to improve their satisfaction, NSK tries its best to enhance the technology service through the 12 technology centers around the world.

China, as the neighbor country of Japan, is obviously becoming the important export country of the NSK bearings. Actually, NSK had entered the Chinese market long time before. It had built an independent manufacturing plant and set a perfect system in China at that period. With the development of the company, its market share in China is increasing gradually. Because the NSK bearings have high quality and reasonable prices, they are quite popular in the Chinese market. But the company is not contented with its present achievement. It decides to set up a new subsidiary company in Shenyang. Addition to this, NSK also plans to build its own product research center which will be the largest bearing research and development center in the foreign country.

Nowadays, the company is quite ambitious about its development. It plans to achieve a sales volume of one hundred billion RMB in China at the end of 2013. Meanwhile, the company also plans to achieve a sales volume of eight hundred billion RMB in the whole world.

All in all, NSK Company never stops to go forward. It realizes the need to become even more globally minded in the management as well as business operation so as to improve the service to worldwide customers. With its technology and management system, the company will be developed better.

New Ride: 2013 Ford Explorer Sport

Ford’s Explorer line is adding a Sport model, a top of the line edition to this popular crossover SUV. The 2013 Ford Explorer Sport goes on sale this year, bringing with it a new engine and a full-time four-wheel-drive system. The Explorer Sport’s price has yet to be announced, but will likely come in around $40,000 or just above the price of the Explorer Limited.

Powerful Engine

The Explorer Sport name is a familiar one to Ford enthusiasts, but hasn’t been seen since Ford switched platforms from its previous body on frame chassis to its current unibody design. What this model brings in is a 3.5-liter V-6 engine, a motor that provides V-8 equivalent power and does so without sacrificing fuel economy.

Indeed, the Explorer Sport is expected to deliver 350 horsepower thanks to a pair of turbochargers and direct fuel injection. Ford will pair this engine with a shiftable 6-speed automatic transmission and adds steering wheel mounted paddle shifters for drivers who insist on a more engaged drive.

A full-time four-wheel-drive system with terrain management is designed to provide maximum traction in a variety of weather conditions. It has also been engineered to perform well in mud and sand, just the kind of terrain off-roaders will frequently encounter.

Exterior & Interior Updates

Exterior changes are evident in the new, blacked out grille. Not clearly as evident, but very much present is a functional opening in the fascia, one designed to enhance cooling. Not a bad idea given that this twin-turbocharged engine will be working hard and building up the heat. Other changes can be seen in the blacked-out roof racks and 20-inch aluminum wheels.

Inside, Ford upgrades the interior by adding heated front seats. Those seats, offering 10-way power for the driver and 6-way for the passenger, are well bolstered and offer lumbar support. Also offered is a 12-speaker Sony premium audio system, SYNC with MyFord Touch, dual-zone climate control, black charcoal seating surfaces in cloth or leather, and a rear view camera. Available options include active park assist, inflatable rear seat belts, a 110-volt outlet, folding side mirrors, a dual-panel moonroof, power liftgate and a towing package that enables the Explorer Sport to haul up to 5,000 pounds.

Roomy Interior

The Explorer Sport offers three rows of seating and seating for six or seven. Unique seat stitching, contrasting Sienna inserts and special appliques help to set this model apart from other Explorers. Four special exterior color schemes also give the Explorer Sport a unique look.

Like other Explorer models, the Sport will be built at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant. Production begins this spring.