Jewelry Trends for 2013 – How Can You Sell More Jewelry?

Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen wild trends and trends that only last for a moment; designers held up as the next big thing and celebrities touting over-sized pieces on the red carpet. As consumers, we are inundated with fashion ideas from every which way we turn, but only two things really pique our attention and keep our loyalty: customer service and a comfortable retail experience.

I was always amazed when I went out to dinner that the food, for the most part, was usually all the same. What made the dinner memorable and what made me want to come back was how I was treated and what ‘vibe’ I got from the room. If I felt comfortable and had a good time, I would always remember that for next time. Jewelry stores are a lot like that too. I think we forget that after we’ve been in the business too long and end up focusing on the next big thing or the bottom line.

2013 will not be a very forgiving year for the lazy retailer. Coming out of the recession, consumers have tightened up their pocketbooks and will demand a more personal and unique experience. Not so much with jewelry designs, but the ease of shopping, attentive service, quality assurances, interesting display ideas, an online presence, a wide variety of color choices and a custom just-for-me style delivery. Whether you are just an artist or have a nice store, spend some time looking at your peers: how are they doing things? Then do something different.

Any kind of lighting and display ideas that stand out from your competition in the eyes of your customer. Greeting visitors to your store and finding out as much about them before they start browsing is key to a personal experience. Having the ability to put together pieces that are selected custom by your customer will always be a crowd pleaser. This means a variety of metals married with generous gemstone choices. Spend some time on your website. Most are in need of serious repair and updating. Consumers are spending more online than ever before and they often look there first even if the plan on visiting a local store. Education is also key to help customers make the right choices. There will be less product returns and more return visits if they make the wisest choice in the first place.

Top 4 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Internet Business Today!

Believe me, I understand your fears…

With all the current talk of failing banks, collapsing real estate markets, and imploding stocks, I wouldn’t blame you if, right about now, you feel like taking every spare penny you have, stuffing it in your mattress, and waiting for this entire mess to blow over!

But the truth is, starting an Internet business is something you should consider, no matter WHAT the economy looks like.

Here’s why…

First, online sales have never been STRONGER!

In fact, a recent report published by Forrester Research indicates that, despite the ailing economy, online retail sales are expected to INCREASE by 10% in 2009 To 2013, bringing the annual amount spent online to $229 BILLION in 2013.

Second, remember that, unlike local brick-and-mortar businesses, which are typically at the mercy of the local economy, you have access to an entire GLOBAL market. So even if U.S. shoppers are feeling pinched, you’ll still have plenty of other customers to turn to.

Next, consider the start-up costs of an Internet business. Unlike traditional businesses, you can get your website running for less than the cost of a couple of nights out on the town, so you don’t need to tie up your “emergency” cash — or go into debt — to get started.

And speaking of debt, with such low initial cost, you’ll have no concerns about trying to qualify for a start-up loan, something that’s likely going to get much tougher during the current credit crunch.

And finally, remember that you can start your business even while you’re working your “day” job, so you can continue to enjoy a regular source of income while you work to make your site successful. Try that with a regular brick-and-mortar business.

At the end of the day, starting your own Internet business during a recession — or whatever they’re calling the current economic situation — is an excellent form of job security!

How to Turn Successful Business Ideas Into Your Reality

Online, you will find several successful business ideas. However, these ideas are worthless if you do not act to turn them as your reality. You have at least three ways to do this. One is to recognize your opportunities as they come knocking on your door. Two is to build your connections. Three is to identify and keep your best practices going for the sustainability of your profitability.

Recognizing Business Opportunities

The internet is a vast marketplace where business opportunities are plentiful. However, you must also understand that not all of these opportunities are suitable for you to profit online. Therefore, you must learn how to recognize the right opportunity when it comes knocking on your door. Don’t let it pass, or you miss the chance to make money from a potential income-generating business.

You can find successful business ideas from entrepreneurs running their own businesses on the web. Identify gaps or inefficiencies and then build your business to fill in the gap or to correct inefficiencies. As long as you can satisfy the needs or wants of a market you are interested about; you can become a successful business entrepreneur, whether online or offline.

Building Your Connections

To turn your business ideas into successful reality, the key is to connect with your target market. You have to know what their needs and wants are, and how they want their solutions delivered to them.

Studies show that most consumers are using the internet to get information and to buy what they need and want. If trends continue in 2013, about 88+% of the online population globally will rely on the internet for their solutions and shopping requirements.

Of the more than 88% online consumers, almost half of them or 42% are gathering information about what they need or want to buy from the internet. 21% of them read reviews online before they decide to purchase. Successful business ideas seriously consider the statistics on consumer behavior.

To connect with your target market, give them the information they need to help them make better decisions. Let them realize how they will find their solutions from your business and benefit from it.

Maintaining Your Best Practices

As you turn your business ideas into reality, it is essential that you track your progress. This will enable you to identify your best practices, and either correct or discard those that do not yield profitable results. In doing this, you will be able to save on cost, increase your productivity, and widen your profit margin.

The internet is a vast marketplace where successful business ideas abound. Learn how to recognize opportunities as they come your way. Connect with your audience and nurture good relationships. Monitor your progress and keep your best practices. Start to act on profitable ideas right now.