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To some men, size is what it is all about. Some men fell they are less of a man if they do not meet certain size standards and for those men there is help. There are programs, techniques, methods, devices, supplements and exercises that will help men enlarge their penis. These methods are an alternative to risky and dangerous surgery.

Penis Pills:

Vigrx Plus

The supplement is designed to help men of all ages to generate harder erections and more explosive orgasms. Vigrx Plus is an all natural product designed with effectiveness and safety in mind. The supplements contain natures Viagra, also known as Pomegranate, which increases sexual sensation, heightens arousal and helps establish a healthier sex drive. This all equates to more satisfying and fulfilling encounters for men and their partners.

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Male Extra

Male Extra

Male Extra s a supplement program, and if used as directed, will help men increase the size of their penis by adding length and width. The combination of the all natural ingredients will allow men to generate herder erections, better staying power and more intense orgasms when arousal strikes. The program requires taking 3 supplements per day and letting them work their magic.

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Performer5 is a male enhancement supplement that works to improve greater erections, adds length, width and strength to a penis and enhances greater penis health. The program includes exercises designed by a sex therapist especially for the penis to bulk up muscle and skin tissue. The program will help men generate rock hard erections, more intense arousal and sensations and an overall better sexual experience.

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Semenax was developed to help men increase the volume of semen available for delivery. Increased fertility, higher sperm counts and larger quantities of sperm will be the result of using the supplement. This is especially good news for couples who are trying to conceive a child. When the penis holds greater volumes of semen there are a greater number of contractions during orgasms, which is a bonus when enjoying pleasure with a partner. Semenax also increases the quality of ejaculations and enhances sexual pleasure for men and their partner.

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Penis Extenders:

Size Genetics

In addition to supplements, there are devices used to help men enlarge their penis. The Size Genetics enlargement system fits over the penis and has adjustable straps to make the fit as comfortable as it can be. Size Genetics, when used as directed, will help men add to the length and width of their penis. A longer and stronger penis will allow men more control over there erections and orgasms. The device works by stretching the penis and breaking down the skin and muscle tissue and then during the recovery period the tissue multiplies and grows stronger and thicker adds to the length and width of a penis.

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There is a penis lengthening device system that works to add length and width to a penis. The Hydromax Hydropump works with warm water while in the shower or a bath and the action of the chamber creates suction and friction and stretches the penis causing tears in the tissue cell. The recovery time causes the tissue to repair and the tissue cells multiply and thicken, hence adding length and width to the penis. This process is much like a man going to the gym to build muscle and see the pecs an abs expand. This process can sometimes allow men to add one half inch to the length. The Hydromax is easy to and safe to use.

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Male Edge

Male Edge

The Male Edge male enhancement device will lengthen a man’s penis by about 28% and the width by about 19%. The Male Edge is a traction device and works by applying stretching movement along the penis. The reaction to the action is the divide of tissue cells that ultimately multiply and strengthen adding bulk to the tissue cells and length and width to the penis. The user can adjust the harness and determine how much pull is exerted on the penis.

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Jes Extender


Another male enhancement system is the Jes Extender. Jes Extender is used by doctors, especially urologists and the results have been documented. Jes Extender is a traction device, encasing the penis in a harness that is fully adjustable for maximum comfort. The system works by applying stretching action that causes tissue cells to divide, then multiply and strengthen adding bulk to the tissue and adding length and width to a penis. The technology has been used for many centuries to lengthen various body parts.

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The Bathmate male enhancement device is used to help men add length and width to their penis. The Bathmate exercises the penis while stimulating penis tissue. The device is designed to work in the bath or shower and use warm water from the bath or shower. The water creates friction which stimulates the skin tissue in the penis and stretches the penis. The Bathmate is a chamber designed to fit over the penis and the bellows design allows the chamber to be moved up and down to do the job it was designed to do. Using the Bathmate device can be easily incorporated into a daily routine and by using the device for just 15 minutes a day fro a minimum of 30 days will help men realize their goal.

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When searching for a male enhancement system it is important to choose one that is safe to use while providing the necessary level of comfort, both physically and emotionally, throughout the process. Men enhance their penis for a number of reasons, but the overwhelming reason is to perform better with their partners.

A man who feels his penis is less than satisfactory in size will take on a level of low self esteem and a lack of self confidence. If there are no medical reasons for the penis being small, and there are medical conditions that characterize a small penis called micro penis, by all means grab onto a male enhancement device and create a better sexual you.